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Are my MSLIS credits transferable?

No. The content of courses taken towards the MSIT-HIT and MSLIS degrees is different even when the course titles and numbers are the same. Credits completed towards the MSLIS degree cannot contribute towards the MSIT-HIT degree and vice versa.

Is a dual masters possible?

It is possible to pursue both degrees. However, students who want to complete both degrees must complete all classes for each degree. No course can count towards both degrees.

Can MSLIS students apply for the MSIT-HIT degree?

Yes, they can. However, they should note that credits earned towards their MSLIS degree will not contribute towards the MSIT-HIT degree.

What is the difference between the MSIT-HIT and the MSLIS Health Sciences course of study?

The degrees prepare students for different positions and for work in different settings. The MSIT-HIT prepares students to manage information systems in the healthcare field, focusing on systems that manage clinical data and support doctors, nurses and allied health professionals in a clinical setting. The MSLIS Health Science course of study prepares students to work with the delivery of health information services in a more research oriented environment as well as with providing health information to the public.

How long will it take to complete the degree?

It will take two years to complete the degree. Students will take two courses each semester along with two each summer.

Is it possible to take more than two courses a semester?

No. Only two courses in HIT will be offered a semester.

Is Financial Aid available?

Scholarships will be awarded to qualified applicants. It is not necessary to apply separately.