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Fall 2012 Class Schedule

Fall 2012 Cohort

Title: HIT 573 Information Systems in Health Care Section 01
Instructor: Dr. Marie-Michelle Strah
Location: Pangborn 301
Day/Time: Wed 7:00PM - 9:30PM

Title: HIT 573  Information Systems in Health Care Section 02
Instructor: Dr. Sue Yeon Syn
Location: Shahan 302
Day/Time: Tues 7:00PM - 9:30PM

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the application of information technology to health care information systems and health care organizations. The course provides an overview of four major components of this domain, which are (1) Health Care Information (2) Health Care Information Systems (3) Information Technology and (4) IT Management Challenges. Students are encouraged to think about the "How" and the "What" of health care information technology systems. The "How" refers to technology that supports health care information systems: data, standards, interoperability, data exchange and re-use, preservation, access, discovery, security, and privacy of clinical data/information (EMR or EHR). The "What" refers to an introduction to the types of health care information data (clinical administrative and combination) and data/information quality. The course provides a historical context for health information systems or data stores and how health care organizations and professionals use these systems to deliver patient care, conduct clinical research or manage the economics of health care. At the intersection of the "How" and "What" the course introduces students to the life cycle and implementation of health care information systems, government regulation and IT challenges that are faced by senior management health care administrators and technologists. Finally the course provides the health information science student with an introduction to e-science, cyber-infrastructure for data driven science and the evolution of scholarly communication and publishing.

Title: HIT 871 Health Informatics Section 01
Instructor: Ann Linton
Location: O'Boyle 106
Day/Time: Tu 7:00PM - 9:30PM

Title: HIT 871 Health Informatics Section 02
Instructor: Jimmy Word
Location: Leahy 51
Day/Time: Mon 7:00PM - 9:30PM

Introduces students to the role of digital information resources and collaborative tools in diagnosis, treatment and research. Examines how health information technology can address healthcare problems, support the information needs and communication patterns of healthcare professionals, and bridge the gap between research and practice. Topics include:

  • Definitions and scope of health informatics; applications from the bedside to the research lab
  • Policies, standards, interoperability, clinical translational science programs
  • Bioinformatics:  databases, impact of computational biology
  • Programs to support the practice of evidence-based medicine
  • eScience and collaborative workspaces
  • Data warehousing/ data curation/ archiving of data sets

Spring 2011 Cohort

Title: HIT 778 Programming for Web Applications
Instructor: Dr. Bill Kules
Location: Pangborn 301
Day/Time: Mo 7:00PM - 9:30PM

Introduces the concepts and techniques for developing Web-based applications. Emphasis is placed on programming techniques and the basics of database technology required for designing Web-based application interface and managing data on the Web. Students will learn the basics of a computer programming language through hands-on exercises and projects. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to explain basic programming concepts and techniques and important concepts for the development of dynamic web applications, describe important concepts related to dynamic web applications, explain the relationship of web programming to systems analysis and a systems development lifecycle (SDLC), create and debug dynamic web applications that accept input from a user, extract data from a database, and synthesize the results into dynamically generated HTML pages, and articulate strategies for professional development and ongoing learning about web programming.

Titile: HIT 878 Capstone Research Project

Provides opportunities for students to develop and implement a research project in a selected healthcare environment under the supervision of a healthcare professional. Students will use the project to demonstrate reflective learning, analysis, synthesis, and integration of knowledge for advanced practice, and their ability to communicate effectively in writing. Taken during the final semester of study. Please see the procedures for the Capstone.

All other students should consult their academic advisors before registering.